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Audio & Video Fundamentals

Audio & Video Fundamentals
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This 3‐day course splits equally between audio and video technology. The audio element starts by exploring how sound and acoustics work, before moving on to explore how audio is created and handled in both the analogue and digital environment. It then explores measurement systems and how audio can be handled in multi‐channel environments from stereo to 5.1. It completes by looking at the practical aspects of sound including microphones, speakers, mixers, effects, equipment and communications systems.

The video section starts with an exploration of resolution and scanning systems, interlace and progressive systems and a review of frame rates around the world, completing with a look at synchronisation and reference signals. It then moves on to look at luminance and chrominance signals exploring the human eye and RGB signals as well as our perception of colour and component signals.

In the final part, the course explores digital video systems and standards. It also looks at future developments in video technology as UHD and IP transport systems become more prevalent.

Course cost: R 26,500.00 + VAT pp
CPD Credits
This course is validated to provide 24 CPD credits that can be used to maintain a SACIA validated professional designation.
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