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Since early 2015 the TPSA has operated as a special interest group within SACIA and the TPSA Council has been working hard to develop programmes that promote the adoption of professional standards and ethical business practices in the technical production and live event industry.

Perhaps the most important of our programmes has been the development of several professional designations that allow the skill and competence of industry professionals to be formally recognised.

For more information on the SACIA TLE designations download the Memberís Handbook

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In order to earn a professional designation, individuals participate in an assessment that explores their education, work experience and work ethic. Individuals are also required to sit for a 100-question multiple choice exam that will assess their knowledge across multiple competencies relevant to the technical production community.

Have you got the skill and knowledge to earn a professional designation?

Then prove it by writing these online tests Ö

Earn a SAQA-recognised professional designation that proves your competence in the theatre and live events industry.

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