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The Technical Production & Services Association (TPSA) is a not-for-profit trade association dedicated to promoting excellence in the technical production and live events industry across Southern Africa.

Established in 1998, the Association has been actively involved in establishing standards such as the SANS10366 Standard for Health and Safety at Events. In addition, the TPSA Awards recognise excellence in various aspects of the technical production and live events industry.

In November 2014 the TPSA Executive voted unanimously to merge the Association’s activities with the Southern African Communications Industries Association (SACIA). The Association now operates as a special interest group within SACIA - with its own Council elected from amongst the membership. An interim committee worked to integrate the TPSA into membership into SACIA and Duncan Riley was co-opted to serve on the SACIA Board. In April 2015, six months after the decision to merge was announced to the membership, the first TPSA Council elections were held. (see election results HERE )

The Council is elected to serve for two years and at the first meeting of the new TPSA Council in May 2015, Bruce Schwartz was elected as Council chair. Over the last 12 months the Association has expanded its membership and today, most of the established players in the staging and live events community are actively involved within the Association. For a current list of members CLICK HERE.

Some of the strategic activities that we are currently involved in include:

  1. Standards development: We are currently working to develop a best practice guide for the live events industry that will focus on safety standards around rigging and stage construction. We are also contributing to a revision of the SANS10366 standard for health and safety at events.
  2. Professional designations: As a SAQA-recognised professional body we are working to establish professional designations for professionals working in the theatre and live events industry. These will be based on our established designations for AV professionals but will be expanded to included skillsets that are specific to the live events community.
  3. Transformation: We are an active participant in the development of industry-specific B-BBEE sector codes that will promote transformation within the technical production and live events industry.
  4. Training: We are developing a series of training programmes designed to contribute to the advancement of skills and knowledge within our industry sector.
  5. Advocacy: The Association is engaged in various efforts to engage with government and regulatory bodies active within the live events sector – acting as the voice of the technical production and live events industry in Southern Africa.
  6. Employment practice guidelines: We are preparing a guide that will establish recommendations for fair and ethical employment practices for permanent and contract employees.

For more information on the TPSA and our current activities please contact Kevan Jones on

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