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Testimonials - Broadcast

Vaughan Williams
Head of Operations JHB

Course attended: Broadcast Workflow

Thank you SACIA and Kevan for the opportunity to attend the Broadcast Workflow course, Neil Garner is an extremely knowledgeable and interesting trainer and his many years of training in the broadcast industry comes through in spades.

Great that the broadcast industry in South Africa has the opportunity to get access to such a fountain of knowledge and understanding. We need more of these as they will help keep up the standards of our industry and provide future leaders of broadcasting with a solid understanding of our ever changing Broadcast Industry.

Nic Bonthuys
SABC TV Outside Broadcasts

Course attended: Network Essentials for Broadcast Engineers – December 2013

Thank you to SACIA for presenting another excellent course. This course is an absolute must for broadcast engineers, even if you think you know a lot about IT and networking! It certainly helps one to understand and to bridge the path to a networked broadcast environment. I would also highly recommend it for engineering managers. I particularly enjoyed the practical’s which took me back to my engineering days!

Snell Kgosi Phoshoko
StarSat (Top TV)

Course attended: IABM Network Essentials for Broadcast Engineers: December 2013

Thank you for a wonderful reception over the last 2 days. I found the course to be highly enlightening and industry specific. The filtering of relevant information really made the delivery of the course outline easier to absorb as well as afforded the opportunity to address those missing gaps often left to lurk.

Course instructor Joe Tozer was very open and forthcoming throughout the course, and seemed to appreciate his craft. My final impression is that it gave all attendees something to chew on as far as the broadcast discipline is concerned. I would definitely recommend our fellow broadcast professionals make a pit stop in this avenue. By the way, apologies to Joe for hacking his analyzer, I know he’s probably still laughing about it on his flight back to the UK.

Eric Lawrenson Contact Eric Lawrenson on LinkedIn

Course attended: Broadcast Technology Workflows – August 2013

An interesting and informative 2 day course focused on our industry. Dick’s relaxed and informal presentation style helps to get people talking and interacting on the subjects under discussion. The time spent reflecting where we as the broadcast industry came from, where we are now, and where our industry is heading was constructive and intuitive. It certainly highlighted areas and process that need to change or be revised for the road ahead. Gets you thinking about the future with more focus. Certainly worth the effort of attending. Thanks SACIA.

John Adler Contact John Adler on LinkedIn
Defence TV (Dept of Defence)

Course attended: GEN112 CTS Prep and IABM Broadcast Technology Workflows – August 2013

Having participated in both the CTS Prep course and the Broadcast Technology Workflows I can truly recommend the courses presented by SACIA. As we all know, our industry is vast and covers many specialised disciplines. I am sure that there are many like me who have a great knowledge of the disciplines we work with on a daily basis, but retreat to the shadows feeling rather inadequate when other disciplines within our industry are discussed. These courses bridge that gap and have given me great confidence, as well as a fantastic integrated view of how our industry fits together. This in turn stands me in good stead when having to make long term strategic and financial decisions on the future direction of our production facility.

Marius Janse van Rensburg Contact Marius Janse van Rensburg on LinkedIn
General Manager: Henley Television Facilities
Broadcast Technology Workflows – The Fundamentals
June 2013

Thanks to SACIA for hosting this valuable course. The course material and the trainer (Dick Hobbs) were very professional. I now realize and understand how essential metadata is in the new ‘four screens world’ and that good metadata is driving automated workflows.

Kerrin Kokot Contact Kerrin Kokot on LinkedIn
Video Editor
Course attended: Broadcast Technology Workflows – The Fundamentals: February 2013

What I especially enjoyed about this course, and about SACIA's presentation of itself in general, was the emphasis on ethical professional practise - obviously much needed in all areas of media and communication industries. Dick Hobbs, our instructor, was able to use his international experience to turn the material into useful, tangible examples. I appreciated his openness to sharing knowledge beyond the course curriculum, and his down-to-earth, accessible manner. Our class turned out to be small, which made the learning experience intimate and meaningful. The situation meant that my colleagues and I could focus on work-specific examples, and thrash out possible solutions with both Dick and Kevan, which was great.

David Sales Contact David Sales on LinkedIn
Product Manager - Kathea
Course attended: Broadcast Technology Workflows – August 2012

From a vendor perspective currently representing IP Video streaming solutions, I had a unique perspective from which to attend the course Broadcast Technology Workflows: The Fundamentals. I found the course to be a very enlightening and an eye opening window into the world of broadcasting. The Course provided me with a good overview of the industry with its associated best practices and future trends. I would especially like to compliment the presenter Leith Gill Murgai for the way in which he delivered the content from his wealth of experience and expertise in the broadcast industry. Well worth the investment.

Kobus vd Westhuizen
Manager - Video editing at SABC
Course attended: Broadcast Technology Workflows - June 2012

SACIA has done a great job sourcing critical courses for the television industry in South Africa. The Broadcast workflows course was well timed for the SABC, since we are on the verge of implementing many systems to support our expanding broadcast channels.
This course is vital for any broadcaster migrating to a tape-less workflow to determine critical elements and procedures needed for an effective workflow from production, postproduction, broadcasting, and archiving and even additional value added services like the web and cellular phone platforms.
The course covers the full spectrum of these workflows and will be very valuable information to production, postproduction, technical, operations, channel personnel and content departments.
The course reminds everybody of the complexity of digital workflows and how best to address workflow issues.

Nelson Khumalo Contact Nelson Khumalo on LinkedIn
Course attended: Audio & Video Fundamentals for Broadcast Engineers February 2012

They say familiarity breeds contempt and I'm afraid that's particularly true in the broadcast industry. We take things for granted and choose technical shortcuts to get the job done. In the first hour of the AVE course I figured I knew it all and could coast through the material but as we continued I came to realise the wisdom and value behind the course content.
The devil is in the detail and this course reminded me of the aircrew in "Air Crash Investigators" - air disasters happen because the aircrew ignore the small things on the checklist. The details don't appear important until something goes wrong - but when they do go wrong the results are catastrophic. This course brings your attention back to the detail and provides in-depth insight into the broadcast industry from acquisition through to transmission. It's well worth attending!

Steve Schafer Contact Steve Schafer on LinkedIn
Concilium Technologies
Course attended: IABM Broadcast & Media Technology - Understanding your industry
January 2012

This course provides a general overview of the broadcast industry; with interesting and useful statistics on global equipment supply and good insight into the latest / future trends in broadcast technologies. John Ive has a wealth of historic and technical knowledge which enhanced the course material. The course is collaborative with good learning activities and opportunities to network with people from the industry . Cabanga Conference Centre is also a great venue with excellent facilities and outstanding catering.

Carl Africa
Course attended: Broadcast & Media Technology - Understanding your Industry
January 2012
Excellent training that's specifically geared toward the broadcast industry. Thoroughly enjoyable and a great learning experience.
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